The Gold Standard Food Marathon

LA Weekly’s Gold Standard was basically a dream food marathon come true; a stellar list of LA’s best restaurants all serving their finest dishes in one building. All the food bloggers were there as well has hundreds of others. Everyone seemed happy, even when it got crowded. I was there by 2:30 and knocked out Animal, Providence, Meals by Genet, Renu Nakorn and Chili My Soul before most people had even checked in.
gold standard crowd

It turned into a day of friendly food competition with notables squaring off:
Palate’s pork

being cooked behind the curtain
palate cooking pork at gold standard

vs Animal’s pork belly.
animal pork belly

Jazz brought enough food from Jitlada to feed 2,000 people. I ate the dry curry beef before taking a picture…
Jazz from Jitlada

vs Renu Nakorn who pre-packaged their shrimp,
renu nakorn shrimp

salmon panang and Thai beef salad.
renu nakorn

One of my favorite dishes of the day was Babita’s shrimp topolobampo and gueritos relleno
Babita's shrimp tamabolmpo and salmon guerrito
vs La Casita Mexicana’s green ceviche (another picture omitted due to consumption).

The music in the Tiara Cafe room, supplied with Faux Pho by Chef/DJ Fred Eric (unfortunately not pictured himself)
Tiara Cafe at Gold Standard
vs KJAZZ in the other room.

My other favorite thing of the day was Clementine’s hot chocolate. It was so thick it was almost hot chocolate pudding.
Clementine at Gold Standard

My wish would be that there were monthly Gold Standards because it saves me a ton of mileage on my car. It’s also good to see so many foodies in a city supposedly devoid of its own cuisine.

7 Responses to “The Gold Standard Food Marathon”

  1. mattatouille Says:

    sad! no comments! dang, i wish i got there early and was able to try everything. maybe next year.

  2. Aaron Says:

    I would think that an LA food convention would appeal to a marathoner such as yourself. Good seeing you there, especially since you missed out on the South Bay Japanese marathon. Tiara Cafe utterly confused me.

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