The 2nd Gold Standard Food Marathon

All you need to know is the 2nd Gold Standard Food Marathon was better than the first one.

It was better because of the gold balloons, courtesy of Fred Eric/Tiara Cafe.

It was better because it was at a car museum and I love cars.

Most importantly it was better because it was bigger, and bigger always is better…

(speaking of bigger, that guy in the left foreground was enormous- he literally was 6’9″ it’s not just the camera angle)

As expected, there was a lot of meat and a lot of tacos:

From top to bottom there was Palate’s pork belly and pig’s ear banh mi with kumquat, pistachio and lardon, Upstairs 2’s braised pork with crispy leeks on a beet risotto cake and Jar’s pot roast and horseradish sliders.

From top to bottom there were Kyochon’s spicy chicken wings, Pollo a la Brasa’s tender but salty rottiserie chicken and Good Girl Dinette’s curry chicken pot pie.

From top to bottom there were beef cheek tacos from Babita’s, three types of mole from La Casita Mexicana and a vegan taco from Kogi.

Everyone did a really good job:

The health department did their job so no one got sick.

Jazz and the Jitlada girls did their job and brought the heat with their dry curry.

And most importantly Jonathan Gold did his job, bringing together the chefs who make LA special and the people who like to eat too much.

P.S. I predict Ricky’s Fish Taco’s will be at next year’s Gold Standard.


3 Responses to “The 2nd Gold Standard Food Marathon”

  1. Aaron Says:

    So bigger venue, but was it as crowded? Last year suffered from long lines and stands running out of food early.

  2. Diana Says:

    I heard it was a great event this year. Sounds like I need to get a ticket next year — especially if Ricky will be involved!

    How was the pot pie from Good Girl Dinette? As good as J Gold insists in the 99 list?

  3. foodmarathon Says:

    Aaron- It definitely was crowded, and the aisles for the wine were wider than the aisles for the food- which was dumb. That said, the lines weren’t as long as last year and wait times weren’t as painful. I tried everything before 3pm so not sure when they started to run out of food, but for the second attempt it was significantly better.

    Diana- The pot pie was disappointing. I couldn’t get through the top layer with the plastic fork. I bet it would be great at the restaurant.

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