Bohopening State

Last night we did double duty, visiting the openings of both Boho and Golden State. I finally met Man Bites World, finally tried a Let’s Be Frank sausage and finally have Scoops near my house.

First stop was Boho, which will do good business because of its solid location, accessible bar food menu and lengthy list of beers.
It’s comfortable, loud and a new term we coined, “douche mature.” It’s like a guy that used to be a douche bag, but now dresses a bit nicer and carries himself a bit more classily but still has a lot of douchey friends so he still has douchebag in him. The decor isn’t naturally bohemian (unorthodox or anti-establishment), rather it’s calculated and a bit too perfect. Boho
That said, it’s better than Club Sushi. The pizzas were fine, not breaking any molds, but neither was the food at Magnolia and they did great business for years catering to a drinking crowd that wanted to eat too.

Second stop was Golden State.
Golden State

It can be summed up easily: Scoops comes west. Throw in some sausage, french fries and potato salad and you’ve got the only affordable upscale comfort food on that strip of Fairfax

Golden State beer

Some might argue that it’s too expensive, but so is their rent so you do the math. Golden State

Would have liked to see something more interesting on the tv than poker. A DJ in the loft would be a good addition too.

Scoops at Golden State

The highlight of the night was meeting the man behind Man Bites World, and I suggest you read every post if you haven’t already.


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