Plate by Plate: A One Stop Food Marathon

Plate by PlateFood events like the upcoming Plate by Plate are self contained food marathons. You get all the variety LA has to offer without the traffic.

After the Gold Standard it was pretty clear that you can’t just roll up to one of these feasts without a plan. So hear are six tips for making the most out of big food events:

1. The best restaurunts will have long lines and run out of food (see Animal at the Gold Standard). The Bazaar will be the hot spot at Plate by Plate so get there early and knock it off the list.

2. Having a list is key because you don’t necessarily want to follow the geography of the event. Sometimes a gem will be located in back (see Anisette at the Gold Standard) and you’ll blow it by leaving them until the end.

3. My goal is always to expand my restaurant repetoire so I’ll be hitting places I’ve never tried first: Mo Chica, Good Girl Dinette, XIV and Mendocino Farms. Decide beforehand who your top three are.

4. Another tip is to intersperse dessert throughout the savory dishes- don’t leave it until the end because you’ll be sick on your way home. Two savory, one sweet, repeat.

5. Meet the chefs. Bashan is an amazing restaurant run by wonderful people (chef Nadav and his wife, Romy). It’s location means that not everyone has tried it yet, so try it. Introduce yourself, tell them you’ve heard great things. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions, pay compliments, etc.

6. Meet the bloggers. There tend to be a lot of bloggers at these events so look out for them. They’re usually devastatingly handsome devils, whirling through the room, cameras-in-hand,  leaving a trail of empty plates.

Plate by Plate proceeds go to the Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program. The organization helps small businesses development by Asian and Pacific Islanders in Los Angeles. That means all those amazing dumplings, noodles, pork dishes… all that brilliant sushi, spicy Thai food, all of my favorite food basically has a chance to gain funding. What’s a better cause for a foodie?

Buy your tickets here.
You can check out past years’ events here and here.


2 Responses to “Plate by Plate: A One Stop Food Marathon”

  1. Food GPS Says:

    Great advice. Especially #3 and #5.

    L.A. restaurants are so spread out that long distance drives can de-motivate new dining experiences. One of the best things about these events is that so many top restaurants congregate in one place. Not only that, but chefs normally serve signature dishes that best represent their restaurants. It’s a great opportunity to see whether it’s worth that long drive to try a full meal.

    Also, there aren’t many chances to meet chefs since they work such long hours behind kitchen walls. Most chefs are happy to discuss their background and approach.

  2. The Plate by Plate Food Marathon « Says:

    […] and most importantly was big enough to handle the crowd. It was a one stop food marathon that made following my tips […]

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