LA’s Other Food Marathoners

From restaurant crawls to urban hikes to taco tasks forces, food marathons come in many lengths and forms. It’s really because LA has too many amazing restaurants and there’s not enough time to go to just one at a time. Check out LA’s best bloggers’ food marathons:

Noah, Mark and Jason’s Infamous 11 in 11


HC, the Ultimate Urban Hiker, Conquering LA


Caroline on Crack and HC Urban Hiking from West Hollywood to Culver City


Teenage Glutser and Crew on the Fish Taco Task Force


Food GPS, Mattatouille and Crew on the Birria Taco Task Force


Street Gourmet LA and Crew on the Potato Taco Task Force


The Minty and the Uncouth Gourmands’ Beef Roll Crawl


40 of My Past Food Marathons


2 Responses to “LA’s Other Food Marathoners”

  1. Josie Says:

    Love it! That beef roll crawl was intense. We in for a tweet up soon?

  2. streetgourmetla Says:

    Thanks FM. To say I wish you could have been with us on the potato taco run is like wishing a plague on your house. It was as grueling as a real marathon. Again, thanks for including me in this list.

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