Memorial Day Weekend Essentials

Dig Lounge and Caroline on Crack usually put together comprehensive, professional-looking lists of LA weekend activities. Here’s my version of a Memorial Day weekend guide:

Start your weekend at McCall’s Meat & Fish Company. This bloggerapproved, chef-run shop has all the protein you’ll need to satisfy a range of drunken party-goers at your backyard barbecue. Try their house-made burger blend or sausages.

I haven’t tried this yet, but Vermont Sweetwater’s Maple Seltzer looks like a fine beverage for a Memorial Day barbecue. It’s carbonated maple sap- 100%, not a factory-produced, fructose-filled soda like you’re used to drinking. Have it straight or mix it with your alcohol of choice.

This next item may not be a weekend essential to everyone, but the Ham Dogger appeals to my OCD tendencies. The gross-looking contraption forces your hamburger into a hot dog shape, allowing the most efficient use of grill space and bun-buying. Throw in some chicken fingers and corn and you can have an almost perfectly symmetrical plate of grilled goodness.

If you aren’t throwing or weren’t invited to a barbecue, there’s plenty of eating to be done outside of your home or yard. Slater’s 50/50 is a fine place to celebrate American pork and beef, as they literally specialize in burgers made from 50% prime chuck and 50% bacon. One of the many reasons to commemorate the deaths of our fallen soldiers- they died for your freedom to choose bacon when ground beef would probably work just fine.

(Photo by Food GPS)

After trying Baby Blues, Zeke’s, Phillips, The Smokin’ Joint, Wood Ranch, Dr Hogly Wogly’s, Woody’s and Mr Cecil’s, my next BBQ stop is Bludso’s. Word is they’re the best, so add them to your Memorial Day weekend plan.

Lastly, keep an eye on your Twitter for sobriety checkpoint locations. Or better yet, don’t drink and drive.

Happy Memorial Day!

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