Fred Eric’s Night of Big Dreams

Chef Fred Eric is a character.

Whether you know it or not, Fred has been a part of LA’s food scene for as long as Joachim Splichal, Octavio Becerra, Ludo Lefebrve and Mary Sue Miliken. Fred 62 has sat along side of The Dresden as a flagship Los Feliz destination throughout the lives of Fred’s other restaurants Vida, Airstream and Tiara Cafe (where he continues his all-senses-go culinary offensive).

You’ll always find Fred at the Gold Standard, in his gold-adorned booth, pimping double-entendre-named food with his friendly staff, enjoying the event regardless of how crowded it is.

Fred’s restaurants are entertaining, but don’t mistake the showmanship for lack of talent. It’s not the most refine food in LA, but it’s tasty and fun.

Saturday he hosted a fundraiser for his kids’ school at Tiara Cafe. I got to sit with Sonja from LA Street Food Fest and Unique LA, who swore me to secrecy about the location of the next event featuring 50 food trucks… It’s very exciting.

The menu featured a Tiara staple, chickpea fritters and fried yucca root with harissa aioli.

The night’s salad featured tender asparagus, wild arugula, romaine, slow cooked cheery tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, fried capers and a pine nut dressing. It was served with a goat cheese bubble bread topped with an artichoke tapenade.

I chose the smoked and roasted rib eye for my entree, which was tender and delicious.

The event, crowd and food all were great and benefited our ailing educational system.

I just realized Wood Spoon is across the street from Tiara- so I should have done a Ludo Bites 4.0, Tiara, Wood Spoon marathon… so many restaurants, so little time.


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