The Dallas Food Marathon

Destination weddings usually mean a fun vacation, Facebook-worthy pictures and a rented tuxedo. When the friend getting married was one of the original food marathoners and the destination city was Dallas, it meant three days of ridiculously big eating. Texas, one of the few states big enough to satisfy my insatiable appetite.


Wasting no time we went directly from the airport to the most famous BBQ joint in Dallas, Sonny Bryan’s.

Sonny Bryan's

Sonny Bryan's Counter

Food GPS recommended the Inwood location because they have school desk style seating, so the marathon began there.

Sonny Bryan's Desks

Brisket sandwich, onion rings, potato salad, baby back ribs and root beer. They bottle their sauce, warm in Coronita bottles. The sauce is fantastic with a sweet, spicy tang.

Sonny BryanPlate

We hopped in a cab and headed to Bubba’s Cooks Country, a Yelp favorite.

Bubbas Cooks Country

We ordered, sat and then noticed that our cab driver (probably curious about two guys heading from one restaurant to another) stayed to order food as well. The fried chicken, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes, biscuits and lemonade.

Bubbas Fried Chicken

Our cab driver was so impressed with his meal that he ordered a sack full of fried chicken to bring home to his family. We joked about how it takes foodie tourists from LA to introduce a Dallas native to his own city’s best food. We noticed Peggy Sue BBQ as we drove off and put it on the list for the next day.

Peggy Sue Sign

For dinner we had an epic spread from Capital Grille that included amazing spicy calamari, oysters, Wagyu beef carpaccio, a chopped salad and a seriously delicious (and large) steak. We followed that with drinks at Nobu.

The next day we brought the other groomsmen to Bubba’s while we headed to Peggy Sue’s for baby back ribs and sausage. Another great sauce, tender ribs, but the sausage was a bit mushy. I wanted more crunch.

Peggy Sue Ribs Peggy Sue Sausage

We grabbed cookies from J.D.’s Chippery, another Yelp referral, and boxed them for our next stop. Located in a converted gas station, Taqueria la Paloma was the closest to an LA taco shop that we’d seen in Dallas.

Taqueria La Paloma

I went with tacos al pastor, lengua and barbacoa. A cantaloupe agua fresca washed it down.

Taqueria La Paloma Tacos

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, J.D.’s cookies were phenomenal. Soft and gooey the way I like them.

JD's Chippery Cookies

Day three started at Cafe Brazil

Cafe Brazil Sign

for migas (chorizo, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos, scrambled eggs, torilla chips, topped with cheese and salsa)

Cafe Brazil Migas

and pancrepes (crepes dipped in cinnamon egg batter, grilled and topped with Crème Anglaise, raspberry sauce, walnuts and powdered sugar).

Cafe Brazil Pancrepes

I wasn’t that impressed with either. I actually liked the breakfast sandwich with turkey best.

Cafe Brazil Sandwich

Next up was a tour of the Cowboy’s new $1.5B stadium.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

It has a very large TV, that I’m pretty sure was built specifically for watching No Reservations.

Cowboys Stadium

Rushing to get to the wedding in time, we squeezed in two more stops. The first was Snuffer’s for cheese fries and a bacon cheeseburger.

Snuffer's Fries

Yes, that’s also ranch dressing on the side because cheese fries need ranch dressing…

Snuffer's Burger

The last stop was Manny’s Uptown for brisket tacos.

Mannys Sign

Unfortunately we had to rush through, but this seemed like a terrific Tex-Mex restaurant that deserves a full meal.

Manny's Brisket Taco

We had 20 minutes to spare at the aiport, so I grabbed a copy of the Wall Street Journal and waited for my plane…. Yeah, right. Are you new? We proceeded directly past the newsstand to get some last minute BBQ at Dickey’s.

DFW Airport BBQ

Overall the fried chicken was the best thing I ate in Dallas. I’m sure there are a lot of restaurants in the south that could beat it, but Bubba’s definitely beats LA’s best.


12 Responses to “The Dallas Food Marathon”

  1. Gastronomer Says:

    Where’s the mileage, friend? Everything is bigger in Texas.

  2. Food GPS Says:

    Looks like a devastating food marathon, especially those bacon cheese fries. That dish belongs on This Is Why I’m Fat.

  3. foodmarathon Says:

    My whole blog belongs on This Is Why I’m Fat.

  4. Mitch Says:

    Gotta love those Snuffer’s Cheese Fries. Wash it down with an ice cold beer!

  5. Bull Moose Says:

    Oh, man. I miss Bubba’s and Peggy Sue BBQ. It made going to law school at SMU tolerable.

    Had you gone a couple of blocks north on Hillcrest, you would be at The Burger House, home of the best burger outside of an Inn-n-Out.

    Now I’m hungry!

  6. Bull Moose Says:

    And I prefer Dickey’s to Sonny Bryan’s but to each his own.

    The best Tex Mex is had in Frisco, north of Plano, at La Hacienda Ranch, home of the original frozen marguerita machine.

    Then you missed La Madeline, French provencial food, Cantina Laredo gourmet Mexican, and the best steak house in the country, Three Forks.

    Dude, you just hit the tip of the iceberg! I expect to read part 2 sometime in the future.

  7. foodmarathon Says:

    Where were you BEFORE the marathon. There is a second round marathon in the works, just don’t know how soon it will be…

  8. nhbilly Says:

    You have made it back in one piece. I know where I need to go when I’m in Dallas. Thanks

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  10. Centelleo Says:

    Dickey’s is awful. Peggy Sue’s is overpriced and subpar. Sonny Bryan’s is passable. Dallas doesn’t have a whole lot going for its barbecue game, which is surprising and disappointing.

    And if you ever come back, skip the recommendations that Bull Moose gave you — La Madeline (bakery chain that is like Corner Bakery with a “French” flair); Cantina Laredo (local chain Tex-Mex; pricey but decent, nothing notable as different locations mean the food is inconsistent); La Hacienda Ranch (another chain, nothing notable); Three Forks (“upscale” American with an unimaginative menu).

    Come to Oak Cliff and hit up Gonzalez or Matt’s El Ranchito for Tex-Mex; Hattie’s for southern low cooking; Eno’s for pizza (not NY-style; cracker-thin crust); Bolsa for new American; but skip Smoke (overrated and overpriced). If you must do a chain style Tex-Mex, try Gloria’s for the Salvadorian meets Tex-Mex fare.

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  12. All the Food Marathons | Says:

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