Cemitas are Sandwiches, Eat a Cemita

Jonathan Gold and Teenage Glutster told me to eat a cemita, so I did. I blindly trust anything those two say about food, so they could have told me to eat a pork and pesto pumpkin pie and I probably would. Luckily cemitas taste a lot better than meat desserts.

Pal Cabron Cemitas

Cemitas are delicious Mexican sandwiches and the best place in LA to get them is the recently opened Pal Cabron. Of course it’s the only place I’ve ever had a cemita…

Pal Cabron Menu

Run with warmth and passion by Bricia and Fernando Lopez, this fun eatery is just down the street from the brilliant Mexican restaurant, La Casita Mexicana. Like Jaime and Ramiro at La Casita, Bricia and Fernando are so enthusiastic about introducing Angelenos to the native flavors of Mexico that they glow with excitement when serving you. Their restaurants buzz with their energy as a result.

Pal Cabron Menu Pal Cabron Menu

I sampled six different cemitas, two clayudas a horchata and a michelada.

Pal Cabron Cemita Pal Cabron Clayuda

Pal Cabron Horchata Pal Cabron Michelada

My favorite cemitas were La Muy Muy (represented in cartoon female form by a spicy brunette in a red dress), La Chirris (chorizo), La Cachonda (pata de res aka beef feet) and of course, La Más Cabrona (milanesa, pork cheese and avocado). The light-hearted murals, both in the dining room and el bano, add to the fun of Pal Cabron. Throw back some micheladas (beer with a lip of salt, chile and crushed grasshoppers) and finish with a homemade horchata (which are notably less sweet than their factory-produced counterparts).

Pal Cabron Tetanic

Because of its location five miles south of downtown, you’re just gonna have to drive the extra ten minutes past your favorite taco truck one night (they’re open till 4am Thurs, Fri and Sat nights) and try it. And you will, not because I said so but because Jonathan Gold and Javier did.

Pal Cabron Jonathan Gold and Teenage Glutster Mural


4 Responses to “Cemitas are Sandwiches, Eat a Cemita”

  1. SinoSoul Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The mouse-over of Javier/J Gold’s “mural” is awesome. Good to see you there, sir.

  2. foodmarathon Says:

    Great meeting you finally.

  3. andrea Says:

    I just learned of a Cemitas place in Chicago that I’ve been dying to try…thanks for saving me a plane ticket.

  4. The 11 in 11 Food Marathon « Says:

    […] an added bonus Bricia and Fernando from Pal Cabron had joined us at HMS Bounty. They invited us back to their restaurant for a special cemitas y […]

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