The Lake Show Food Marathon

lakerslogoOne of the original food marathoners had Lakers tickets so we ran a pre-game food marathon. We’re gonna run another Lakers food marathon around the time they win the championship in June.

downtown skyscrapers

First stop was Nickel Diner for the much-hyped maple bacon doughnut.
Nickel Diner

We threw in a Nutella doughnut,
nickel diner donuts

and chocolate peanut butter potato chip cake
nickel diner cake

to compliment the free red velvet doughnut holes.Nickel Diner donut holes

We also split the 5th and Main (spicy bbq pork hash with eggs).nickel diner hash

It was excessive to start a marathon but we couldn’t help ourselves. I hadn’t eaten all day, the desserts looked phenomenal and we’re dumb. Ultimately we didn’t need the Nutella doughnut, we took most of the cake to go and loved the spicy hash.

We ran around the corner to Cole’s for the second stop.

A lamb and goat cheese french dip coles french dip

with bacon potato salad and atomic habañero pickles coles potato salad
were ordered and quickly devoured. Between the spicy mustard and spicy pickles Cole’s could have been on the Spiciest Food Marathon.

I’m glad we went with the neo-French dip because it was tasty and no one can mess with Philippes, so why try. The bacon potato salad wasn’t nearly as good as Top Chef Masters contestant, Ludo, used to make at Ludobites.

Wasting no time we walked over to Wurstkuche.

We added a member to the marathoning team at this point and ordered three sausages:
wurstkuche sausages
the Bockwurst with caramelized onions and spicy peppers, the Austin Blues with caramelized onions and sweet peppers and the duck and bacon with jalapeno peppers, sweet peppers and sauerkraut and Belgium fries.
wurstkuche fries

We also had a trio of Manhattan Special sodas (Sarsaparilla, Vanilla Cream and Orange). wurstkuche sodas

The Bockwurst was terrific, the others were ok. The sodas were very helpful.

I got a call that my dinner was actually starting earlier than I’d planned so I had to cut the marathon short. Instead of ordering food at Riverarivera
I just got a Smoke on the Water (scotch, raspberries, lemon, agave nectar)rivera scotch

The cocktail is another example of using an alcohol without any trace of that alcohol’s natural flavor. In this case it was scotch, a flavor I actually would have liked to taste more of in the drink. I recently experienced the same phenomenon at the Rosangel event at Malo- where a variety of cocktails were made using the signature Rasangel tequila without a trace of the typical tequila flavor.

Stay tuned for another Lakers food marathon in a few months…


5 Responses to “The Lake Show Food Marathon”

  1. mattatouille Says:

    nice post there. good choices with the spicy pork hash and the bacon doughnut. so you liked the lamb french dip?

    the cocktails at rivera are something, aren’t they?

  2. Kim Says:

    I’ve been anxious to try out the newly renovated Cole’s, thanks for the insider pix. Friend told me about your blog. Really great stuff. Cheers!

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