Two Not-So-Hot Tamales

As a follow up to my recent Tamale post here’s a quick review of La Guera Tamalera’s take-out tamales from Locali.

La Guera Tamalera

I ordered the Blue Corn Jalapeño & Cheese and organic free range Chicken tamales. They’re heated upon ordering at Locali and boxed for take-out.

You can see that although they’re made without lard, corn oil, gluten or transfat the heating/boxing causes them to sweat.
La Guera Tamalera

They’re tube-shaped, as opposed to the more common rectangular form.

La Guera Tamalera

They were a bit dry and, probably because I’m used to the unhealthy version, not as flavorful as I hoped.

I have no doubt that they’d be phenomenal fresh from the kitchen, but pre-made, and reheated left a lot to be desired.


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