Thai Food Festival Not Starring Jean Claude Van Damme

Jean Claude Van Damme will not be at the new Thai Food Festival at Paramount Studios on September 29th. There will be a Muay Thai martial arts demo and a ton of great Thai food, but JCVD will not be in attendance.

Jean Claude Van Damme

Despite that devastating news you should go to this event anyway. This is the second big Thai food festival of the year. Every spring New Year (Songkran) is celebrated on Hollywood Blvd in Thai Town. In a city with this much amazing Thai food that’s obviously not enough celebrating.

Thai Food Festival

Featuring both Thai and non-Thai chefs, this one stop food marathon takes place – just a mile and a half  from Spicy BBQ, one of may favorite Thai restaurants in LA.

Photo by Javier Cabral

Photo by Javier Cabral

Jet Tila (Thai Culinary Ambassador) and Kris Yenbamroong (Night + Market) will be representing with Jazz Singsanong (Jitlada) and Andy Ricker (Pok Pok)Sang Yoon (Lukshon), David LeFevre (MB Post, Fishing with Dynamite), Evan Kleiman (KCRW’s “Good Food”) and Susan Feniger (Street) will all be there as well.

Photo by Dylan Ho

Photo by Dylan Ho

Possibly more importantly, Ruen Pair, Pa Ord, Thai Society, Thai Nakorn, Bhan Kanom Thai, Lum Ka Naad, Sapp Coffee Shop and Siam Sunset will be serving food from all regions of Thailand.

Singha Visor

So grab your Singha Beer Visor, pay the $75 for VIP treatment (shorter lines, closer parking) and save the Van Damme Netflix marathon for your Sunday night food coma.

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