Lil Wayne’s 2009 Year End Food Rap

If Lil Wayne rapped about the year in food, this is probably what it would sound like (and it likely would be auto-tuned):

“I run LA from the farm to the table.
My cash crop is green and 100% sustainable.
Prius freshly pimped, one-of-a-kind, unattainable.
My pimp juice is organic and your girl knows I’m insatiable.

Food trucks were the year’s fro-yo,
Cupcakes hit their last plateau,
Ramsey lost his kitchens though
he’s still got lots of TV shows.
The hottest fads: mixology,
Molecular gastronomy.
The New York Times said bye Bruni.
I still can’t pronounce Wurstkuche.

So say sayonara to Eat a Pita.
Instead just eat at Lett’s Gjelina.
Skip XIV by Michael Mina,
Jitlada keeps your wallets greener.
Top Chef had Ludo, Suzanne Tracht,
Exclusive as my Am Ex Black.
And bacon got a lot of flack
Because of swine flu’s weak attack.

Digital media took Gourmet as victim.
Little Tokyo’s Mitsuwa got handed an eviction.
KFC went grilled not fried, but note the contradiction,
as kids who fight obesity continue getting sickened.

Street, Rivera, Umami, Tavern.
4 stars for Bazaar assuring they’ll earn,
but no longer the hottest and that may burn
cause Keller’s in LA so it’s Bouchon’s turn.
Tweeting what you’re eating
Unfortunately won’t be fleeting,
As speaking to who you’re seeing
No longer is believed in.

I’ll terminate your state like the governor ya’ll.
Give a f*%k like Wolfgang Puck at the Governor’s Ball.
No Roscoe’s only Reb’s, that’s who Southerners call.
Rhymes spit like at a pig roast, and you’re loving it all.

Till Twenty Ten, Lil Weezy, I’m iller than E. coli.”


6 Responses to “Lil Wayne’s 2009 Year End Food Rap”

  1. Gastronomer Says:


    And cupcakes aren’t plateau’n, they’re gonna keep goin and goin 😉

  2. Eddie Lin Says:

    You be illin’!

  3. Emma Says:

    this is my new jam.

  4. javier Says:

    check it!

    daamn daaawg..

    this is cool!

    ha ha….

  5. Daria Rushford Says:

    Hey I stumbled upon your site by luck on feedburner while searching for something really different but I am very pleased that I did, You have just captured yourself another subscriber. 🙂

  6. lilwayneringtones Says:

    This is a nice one….Where is the full version? Very cool.. God job Lil Wayne!

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