CPMD (Casey’s Parish Making Dinner)

I went to a small high school that rented additional classrooms, offices and a big hall from a church across the street. Parish Hall was the church’s building in and around which we ate lunch every day. Sometimes we would order Malibu Chicken sandwiches from the roach coach on the street and eat them outside Parish Hall while listening to songs like Crossover by EPMD.

Malibu Chickens were the food truck version of Sizzler’s version of a fried chicken sandwich. They were nasty.

What’s the point of all this? Parish was the name of the hall, Parish is the ‘P’ in EPMD and The Parish is also the name of the new gastropub downtown, from a chef who happens to cook fantastic buttermilk fried chicken.

Casey Lane came to notoriety at the Tasting Kitchen, an Abbott Kinney staple. For The Parish he does his version of British gastropub, replete with Pork Head Pot Pie, Poutine Fried Oysters and, of course, fish and chips.

Its location in the fashion district will certainly keep it crowded. The decor is rich, the windows plentiful and the little patio is a nice, if not frivolous touch.

The cocktails are fantastic, with the historic core earning a top spot for me.

(photo by Longrada Lor)

With a reverse osmosis ice program generating a range of different cube sizes for each cocktail, there’s plenty of thought and effort put into making great drinks.

(photo by Longrada Lor)

The fried chicken was the standout. The batter was as crunchy as dubstep beat.

(photo by Longrada Lor)

One of the surprises was the beets and horseradish yogurt on a spoon of granola. Another hit was the ricotta, peas, salsa verde brioche.

The chicken liver mousse toast was on point.

The $20 fish and chips was discussed amongst the skeptical crowd. The only way to justify that price is for it to be a mind blowing fish and chips, if there is such thing. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t report.

The Parish will definitely be crowded, on the pricey side and a good place to eat and drink. The fried chicken is certainly worthy of a “Preach!” Amen.


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