Restaurants and Their Names

Bow & Truss, Post & Beam, Tar & Roses, Milo and Olive. Besides the construction/architecture references the wider trend is to include an ampersand or “and.” I realize naming a restaurant is probably as difficult as getting health inspection approval. It’s actually more important. Maybe all the “and’s” are so people feel like they’re getting more bang for the buck, like two for one….

I like names that are unique: Freddy Smalls, Son of a Gun, Father’s Office, The Lazy OxWolvesmouth.. My favorite was the pop up at Señor Fish called Molonay Tubilderborst.

The worst names have Boulevard or Blvd in some incarnation (The Blvd in Beverly Hills, Blvd 16 in Westwood, BLVD Bar and Lounge in Studio City). Boulevard- like a wide, congested, smoggy, dirty road with parked cars, ugly signs and traffic. What about that is appetizing?

What I’m really hoping to see is someone who takes the “&/and” thing to the next level and uses BOTH:

Brick & Mortar and Pestle

Meat & Greet and Potatoes


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