The Market at Santa Monica Place is Open

Santa Monica Place is the new mall at the start of the 3rd Street Promenade. Panda Express used to be the anchor of the old mall’s food court. On the 3rd floor a new high end “dining deck” and “market” just opened and it’s a nice place for tourists and well-heeled locals alike.

Focusing on artisanal and organic gourmet food, drinks and gifts it embodies the current trends in cuisine and shopping. The opening night party attracted attractive westsiders who sampled goods from the many purveyors.

The highlight was Norcino Sulumeria and Cheese Bar.

Who can resist an overflowing stock of meat and cheese.

They were slicing fresh mortadella, prosciutto, salami and more.

They were even hand-pulling fresh burrata.

Norcino is the perfect place to come for a sampling on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Another Italian option is Primi al Mercato. Serving as both a retail outlet and causal trattoria, Primi dished up piping hot al dente pasta.

Rockenwagner is a beachside staple. They have a bakery at The Market, serving pretzel baguettes amongst a variety of other items.

They even adorned a mannequin in pretzels, because salt is the new black.

Venokado wine shop has armies of bottles standing at the ready.

Their tasting room and gifts make this a good pre-dinner stop.

There were plenty of desserts. Nice Cream, The Cookie Guru and Beachy Cream all will vie for your sweet tooth.

L’Artisan du Chocolat and Groundwork Coffee round out the after dinner offerings.

Magical Blooms is the sole flower shop in The Market.

The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories will host three and four hour cookie classes, demos, signings and special events. The culinary stylings of Kleiman and Gold took their Good Food banter on the road for a special demo in front of a packed house.

The Curious Palate seemed very busy cooking but I didn’t see any food so I didn’t try anything. Here is a sample of their menu.

Overall The Market at SMP could use a catchier name like Eataly. However, it does serve as a nice place to spend an afternoon or evening. It’s certainly a step up from Sbarro and Hot Dog on a Stick.


4 Responses to “The Market at Santa Monica Place is Open”

  1. stuffycheaks Says:

    I was just there on Sunday. I am in love with Rokenwagers pretzel bread selections! I wish i too could wear it on myself

  2. Kish Says:

    fresh. burrata. ZOMG. what a great job capturing that moment. hahah

  3. My Shimoda Says:

    Eataly! 😀

  4. Ken Says:

    I visited last saturday. There is some amazing stuff in there. The salumeria was great – we took some sandwiches to go that were really tasty. Also there was fresh pasta available that i’ll definitely grab next time i’m in there.

    All in all i really like the place, but it won’t be a destination for me unless i happen to be shopping there that day. I actually was hoping it would be more of a high end grocery store, but with all local artisinal products. Can we at least please get a gelsons or bristol farms in the neighborhood????

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