Cinco de Mayo Dinner and a Movie (Maker)

It’s very rare that my day job and blog collide. So here’s a post that combines the two:

A few months ago I saw a preview screening of Casa de Mi Padre– the comedy where Will Ferrell performs entirely in Spanish alongside Mexican superstars, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna. It’s shot like a telenovela and worth watching when it hits theaters.

Right now there’s a great movie called Private Perez in theaters in Mexico. It will be released stateside on September 16th. It’s also a comedy, but follows a group of drug traffickers in search of the cartel leader’s lost brother, who went missing in action in Iraq.

On the heels of both films, and with Cinco de Mayo in the air, I thought it was an appropriate time to write about my recent dinner with the producer and director of Private Perez. They made tacos at my business partner’s house and invited me to join in the fun. Although Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day, and really is just an excuse for Americans to get drunk, it’s also a reason to post about this simple, homemade Mexican meal.

Happy hour consisted of Tecate with salt and lime and cool, fresh slices of jicama.

Guacamole, rice and beans topped the steak and chicken tacos in a choice of either flour or corn tortillas. Two salsas, cilantro and onions were available for added flavor (as well as fresh habaneros).

Mezcal made its way tableside halfway through the meal. It was very smokey, almost like Talisker scotch, and had the requisite worm floating at the bottom.

For dessert, this simple princess cake:

The playlist for the evening included banda hits and Lila Downs.

Between the princess cake, pug, mezcal and Monkey House beer it was an international celebration in the end.

Remember, tomorrow night, don’t drink and drive.


2 Responses to “Cinco de Mayo Dinner and a Movie (Maker)”

  1. How to Film Skateboarding (HD) Says:

    […] Cinco de Mayo Dinner and a Movie (Maker) « […]

  2. Kish Says:

    great cinco de mayo feast. carne and pollo asada never looks bad plus flour tortillas are always more awesome than corn.

    that mezcal loooooks dangerous 😐 hahaha

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