Il Covo Channels Orso, Strives for Madeo

I stopped by Il Covo for a quick business lunch yesterday.

The former Orso space has been decked out in much gaudier attire. It seems to be aiming at the Madeo crowd. They are still under construction during the day, so we sat inside. They open the patio at night. The preview menu features a list of straight ahead Italian dishes like buratta alla caprese and spaghetti bolognese.

I started with a simple octopus carpaccio with potatoes and olives. The portion size was fair considering the $15 price tag. The paper thin octopus was very tender and well salted.

I kept it healthy with a beet, spinach and goat cheese salad ($12). The uncut beets were light and the spinach was crisp. It was nothing mind blowing, but did the trick.

Service was good, however we were the only people in the restaurant. I’ll certainly be back to try the rest of the menu on the patio. Fingers crossed that it’s good, as it’s walking distance from my house.

Il Covo
8706 W. 3rd Street
West Hollywood, CA 90048


3 Responses to “Il Covo Channels Orso, Strives for Madeo”

  1. Diana Says:

    This lunch is the antithesis of the meal at Le Saint Amour.

    But good for you for being good to your heart!

  2. foodmarathon Says:

    Yes, for every butter binge, there’s a salad waiting like a defibrillator.

  3. Italian food Lover Says:

    When u order Spagetti and get Fettucini u wonder if u came to the right place. This place is a disaster. Avoid avoid avoid.
    No resemble ce to Orso if u are celebrity owner hungry, then I guess u most go otherwise there are much better choices.

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