More Mediocre Bar-B-Que

I want to send you to read Eat, Drink + Be Merry, because I don’t have time to blog as often lately. Dylan really has stepped it up and his blog is one of the best. His recent Austin BBQ expose sparked my interest in ribs so I tried The Kansas City BBQ Company in North Hollywood.

Now, LA only has a handful of good BBQ places. And then one of the few good ones (Baby Blues) expanded and their quality diminished. So I wasn’t surprised at all when I found KC BBQ to be mediocre.

Their baby back ribs are definitely tender and smokey but their sauce is thick and lacks the homemade touch that separates good bar-b-que from greatness. The brisket sandwich was better than the ribs, and that may be the ticket. Get a sandwich and fries. The hot links were fine, not bad at all. The cole slaw, potato salad and beans all were on the bland side.

I will give them another run to try the burnt ends sandwich and wide selection of beer. But not before I try Big Mista’s.

Also, Lindy & Grundy is finally open so you can bar-b-que for yourself. Go get your grillables.


One Response to “More Mediocre Bar-B-Que”

  1. Says:

    I agree about the ribs, I had the burnt ends and was not impressed but the roast pork sandwich was terrific! Went to Baby Blues Hollywood last night, baby backs were great, spare ribs were very good, service at the bar table was poor.

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