Dominick’s Best Kept Secret Brunch

Did you know Dominick’s serves brunch? They have been for the past five months. While you’ve waiting in line to eat in the kitchen/closet that is Salt’s Cure or sitting in traffic at King’s Road or stuck inside at Comme ça, you’re missing out on a better brunch.

Take the fireplace, quiet sunny patio and a plate of blueberry ricotta pancakes at Dominick’s and you just made your Sunday.

Photo by E*STAR LA

The wild boar bacon is thick cut and chewy. The smokiness isn’t overpowering and it’s not to fatty.

The simple tomato, basil and goat cheese fritata is a bit small, but very light and flavorful.

The olive oil fried eggs and potatoes is a plated hangover solution far superior to a lonely mimosa or bloody mary.

While Dominick’s brunch can’t top Square One’s, it’s still a great option for the neighborhood.

Also, both Dominick’s and Little Dom’s are celebrating Mardi Gras this year with a special Cajun-inspired dinner menu from March 5 8th. New Orleans native Chef Brandon Boudet will be serving:

Gumbo $5
Muffaletta Sandwich $8
Roast Beef Po’Boy $6
Red Beans & Rice $5
Jambalaya $6
Crayfish Pie $5
Eggplant Pirogue with Shrimp Sauce $8
Beignets $4
Bread Pudding $5
Mini King Cakes $4


One Response to “Dominick’s Best Kept Secret Brunch”

  1. GoldstarEvents Says:

    You’ve absolutely sold me on this place. I want those blueberry ricotta pancakes!!

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