Un-Happy Hour for Anti-Valentine’s Day

I’m lucky to have a Valentine. I’m even luckier that she doesn’t want an overpriced cheesefest of a celebration this weekend/Monday. Because this weekend/Monday may be the worst restaurant weekend of the year.

Countless couples who don’t ordinarily dine out, are going to spend their hard earned money on a meal that will almost definitely fall short of expectations. Good for the restaurants who are hurting financially. Bad for the poor waiters/waitresses who will bare the brunt of the scorn.

To avoid such trouble, last year we had a great Valentine’s dinner at a nondescript restaurant in the bottom of an office building in New York. Great meal, great service, no hassle. I suggest finding such a restaurant if you have to go out.

Or better yet, skip the whole weekend and celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 15th at The Mark for Events (on Pico near Test Kitchen).

They’re hosting Un-Happy Hour from 6-8pm with 2 for 1 drinks and free appetizers (BBQ Beef Bites,  Goat Cheese and Sour Cherry Crisps, Skewered Artichoke Hearts with Garlic Aioli, Hearts of Palm in Baby Red Pepper, Spicy Tamarind Wings, Pear and Blue Cheese Kiss Crostini, Bitter Sweet Chocolate Mousse).
From 8-midnight you can order $5 plates including: Chop Veggie Salad, Tamarind Chicken Lollipops, Angus Sliders, Soft Chicken Taco, Calamari Rings and Chips, Spicy Tuna Tacos, Mac and Cheese, Molten Hot Chocolate Cake.

The Mark will host more parties like this in the future, so if you need a convenient venue go check it out.


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