If Gourmet Doughnuts Are the New Cupcakes…

…WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY? I’ve been waiting for gourmet doughnuts to take off since Fritelli’s.

In the meantime, Zelda’s in Venice will have to suffice (thanks to Alex for the tip).

Their donuts are homemade, not gourmet. I used to get similar sweets from Lil Orbits at the LA Auto Show when I was a kid.

The donut making magic is a simple process that you can watch from start to finish. Dough is oozed into a bath of hot oil where it fries. The goodness float along like drunk spring breakers at the Mandalay Bay pool, before being dropped onto a cooling tray. They are bagged, covered in sugar and cinnamon and eaten hot and fresh. They’re perfect.

When I win the lottery that donut thing will be the second machine I buy (after a ’55 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing). Whichever comes first, gourmet doughnuts to LA or winning the lottery, I’m here. Waiting. With my bag of Zelda’s donuts.


3 Responses to “If Gourmet Doughnuts Are the New Cupcakes…”

  1. My Shimoda Says:

    definitely think you’re on to something.

  2. Gastronomer Says:

    I was hoping that if I predicted it on Eater, someone would answer my prayers 😉

  3. foodmarathon Says:

    The word “since” is linked to your prediction. I noticed it, now if only the gourmet doughnut makers would.

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