Food Oscar Preview 2011

A few years ago I made these food movie posters for 2009’s Oscar contenders (including Corndog Millionaire):

2011’s batch of Oscar contenders includes a wide variety of films. Maybe you saw them.

The riveting story of deception, greed, deliciousness and deep fried crab. The Soft Shell Network:

Natalie Portman’s ballerina diet had one huge secret. Flax Swan:

The crime is not in your mind. It’s in your stomach. Leonardo DiCaprio has Indigestion:

James had a giant one. King George VI did not. The King’s Peach:

Seeking retribution against oatmeal and cornflakes. True Grits:

Andy’s beloved toys must escape an avalanche of Nabisco’s famed treats before they are retired to the attic. Chips Ahoy Story 3:

Good luck to everyone on Oscar night.


10 Responses to “Food Oscar Preview 2011”

  1. ChocoMeat Says:

    omg Neil.. bahaha! Amazing!

  2. Evelina Says:

    LOVE this Neil. BRILLANT! 🙂

  3. Cole Says:

    No Winter’s T-Bone??

  4. myshimoda Says:

    The Kidney Beans Are All
    Right. 🙂

  5. javier Says:

    you are bad ass.

  6. foodmarathon Says:

    Winter’s T-Bone and The Kidney Beans Are All Right are great ones. I was thinking The Fighter- The Fryer, The Biter? Couldn’t make it work.

  7. My Shimoda Says:

    The Food Fighter?

  8. ACK Says:

    No love for The Kids are all Right?

  9. foodmarathon Says:

    The Figs are all Right? The Kids Love all Fries?

  10. Food GPS Says:

    Hilarious. Chips Ahoy Story 3 and Indigestion are my favorites. Probably because I can relate to that second one.

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