Flavors of Belize Lights Up La Brea

For years I’ve battled addiction. It brings an equal amount of pleasure and pain, but it’s something I can’t help. It’s a biochemical reaction to an organic substance. I’m addicted to Marie Sharp’s hot sauce.

Anyone with an addiction knows that it clouds the brain, causing bad decisions that can put you in harm’s way. Last weekend my addiction lead me to a seedy motel on La Brea just north of San Vicente. A pimp stood in the parking lot talking to another pimp in a white Cadillac. Judgment impaired, I followed my craving for spice into Flavors of Belize.

The increasing dopaminergic transmission in my brain was fueled by jars of orange hot sauce on every table in the newly opened restaurant. This was a homemade version of what Marie Sharp made famous.

Any country that produces a lot of hot sauce usually has a range of beverages to battle the spice. Belize has soursop and craboo juice. The craboo is much sweeter, but both are refreshing and light.

We started with a sampler platter of appetizers.

Panades: masa tortilla stuffed with fish and fried

Salbutes: fried masa tortilla topped with shredded chicken and a cabbage slaw made with tomato and cilantro

Garnacheshomemade, fried tortilla topped with refried beans, special Belizean tomato and onion sauce and Dutch cheese (gouda?)

While the panades remind me of fish sticks, the salbutes’ cabbage was a great addition to a flavorful, light starter. The cheese on the garanches elevate them above a typical tostada.

The highlight of the meal were the ducunu- young corn (tomalito de elote) tamales taken off the cob, ground and seasoned, then steamed. An irresistible combination of salty and sweet, leaving the weak willed begging for more.

The oxtail, which had been cooking for days, was succulent. The rice and beans combination were a little burnt-tasting but still tasty. With a side of plantains and potato salad, this dish was all we really needed.

Next time we’re definitely trying the conch fritters, weekend-only chirmole (black achiote soup with chicken and a boiled egg) and bread pudding.

I’m pretty sure I was Belizean in a past life, because now my addiction has broadened to include the entire country’s cuisine. The hot sauce was just a gateway drug.

Get your fix:
Flavors of Belize
1271 South La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019


5 Responses to “Flavors of Belize Lights Up La Brea”

  1. javier Says:

    Nice find dude. That fish fried masa sounds right up my esophagus. thanks for sharing it!

  2. losangelicioustimes Says:

    Yes! I saw this place the other day when I was driving down La Brea and almost stopped (kicking myself now). Glad to hear that it’s worth a stop though.

  3. pleasurepalate Says:

    Hey, you’ve added the address and phone number. 😛 How helpful. Anyway, this place looks like a find. I’m definitely going to check it out. By the way, have you ever tried Little Belize (http://bit.ly/gnNYFV). I’ve only been there for their snacks, but I keep meaning to go back and try a whole meal.

  4. foodloverforever! Says:

    What a hidden treasure! This place is really amazing, I have never eaten food so flavorful before (hence the name I guess). You have to try the meat pies, they are mouth watering and addictive (I ate five in one sitting). The tamales are unlike any tamales I’ve ever had, they have real chunks of chicken in every bite and it’s wrapped in a real banana leaf (how impressive)….I hear they serve breakfast on the weekends, I can’t wait to go back and try their homemade flour tortillas, fry jack, and breakfast garnaches. Mmmmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! Flavors of Belize is the new hot spot in L.A…….trust me!

  5. fredyt3 Says:

    Food – Good write up!!! I know the owners are appreciative. Also, great pictures!!

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