The 105 Mile Mini Food Marathon

It really was a food 5k because I only ate at three restaurants. Regardless, on Saturday I checked out the LA Auto show (which was partially an excuse to go to Mariscos Jalisco).

After trying the amazing Tacos Dorados de Camaron at LA Street Food Fest I’ve been looking forward to the Mariscos Jalisco truck in East LA.

It was raining, but that didn’t stop me from dining on shrimp tacos curbside for breakfast.

Their fried tacos are filled with shrimp and covered with avocado and in a rich salsa. They actually were a bit too smothered, but that didn’t detract from the flavor.

(Trust me there are tacos under there).

As usual, the best food balances crunchy and soft with sweet and salty. These tacos are one of the many examples of the success this combination achieves.

From East LA, I headed west for lunch with friends in Malibu. Countering the authenticity of my Mexican breakfast, I was going to have a very Americanized version of Cuban food for lunch. Cafe Habana is in the ridiculously overpriced Malibu Lumber Yard. It’s just a strip mall with fifteen foot tall fish tank columns and a Maxfield selling $2,300 leather pants- your typical recessionary Malibu kind of stuff. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t expecting much from the food.

We sat on the patio and enjoyed some chips and mild salsa. Despite the popularity of their grilled corn, I went with the Cuban sandwich. Too bad it was doused with mayonnaise-y sauce and the pulled pork had the consistency of dry tuna fish. Limp fries rounded out the unimpressive meal.

The food at lunch didn’t really matter as the company was great and I knew dinner would be fantastic.

Julienne, in Santa Barbara, could easily go toe to toe with LA’s best restaurants. They source local ingredients, have warm attentive service and cook meat perfectly.

We had cauliflower soup, chicken liver crostini, a duck duo and pork belly.

Their homemade ice creams and sorbets always cap their delicious dinners.

Over 100 miles later, there were no complaints about the busy day.


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