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Olio Pizza Makes a Move on Mozza

October 22, 2010

When it comes to pizza, there’s only a few components that need to be right for the pizza to be great. You’ve got dough, cheese, sauce and the oven. How is it then, that so many pizzerias in LA do pizza wrong. The way to find out is to ask a guy who does pizza right. Brad, at Olio Pizzeria, is that guy.

At 9:30pm last night he was standing in the same place as he was standing at 9:30am yesterday morning. For 12+ hours, with his back to the wood burning pizza oven that fills the street with the smell of campfire, he makes pizza and bialy dough from scratch. He makes pizza all day and night. He doesn’t sleep.

Photo by Leonard the Foodie

He loves his job and is good at it. The passion he infuses into the pizza makes it taste better. He has the same oven as the other pizza places in town, the same dough, the same cheese. It’s his enthusiasm that is the unmatched component.

My pizza was the 200th he sold yesterday, which is a testament to LA’s hunger for good pizza and Brad’s ability to provide it.

There’s no question I’ll be back to try the rest of the menu. I just hope he can maintain his enthusiasm through the grueling days and nights satisfying LA’s pizza-hungry masses.

Mozza isn’t the only place in town doing pizza right. Finally.


Lovely Weekends

October 18, 2010

I love beating Ohio State. It’s at the top of my list of loves with classic cars and eating sushi (although I wouldn’t suggest eating sushi in Madison, Wisconsin).

On that same list, I love New York. Especially Nicky’s Banh Mi:

and Mad For Chicken’s spicy wings:

and Sigmund’s Gruyere Paprika Pretzels at their temporary Madison Square Park Urban Space Market location:

and Katz’s Potato Knish:

and Morimoto. Full post coming soon….