9.02.10 Celebration at Taste of Beverly Hills

Oh Beverly Hills… You live up to the stereotype in every way. From your over sized food festival replete with reality-tv-star-studded red carpet, to your Persian abundance, to your hot-in-the-80’s restaurants- you provide endless fodder for food festival commentary.

I mistakenly thought the first night of your Taste of Beverly Hills event was a celebration of Shannen Doherty, Luke Perry and Tori Spelling. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it actually was highlighting your city’s food.

Like any good meal in Beverly Hills, I started with a cheese plate from your strongest smelling resident, The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills.

They were very generous with their slices.

Recent Napa transplant, Bouchon was one of the most popular tables of the night.

Wolfgang Puck should be your mayor. He was so kind he pulled his whole crew in for a photo instead of taking it alone. He’s a model Beverly Hills citizen.

Terroni had a big display of pastas. Their ragu was good.

As a tourist destination, Beverly Hills has a lot of hotels. The restaurants in these hotels were out in full force last night.

To serve the financial and entertainment capital of LA, there are also a lot of salad restaurants in Beverly Hills. I didn’t come to the Taste of Beverly Hills for salad.

I came for Venezuelan food. Coupa Cafe offered something unique, a sampler of perfectly executed bite sized arepitas, mini cachapas, empanitas and tequenos.

While foie gras should be served on every street corner in Beverly Hills, it shouldn’t be served in mousse form topped with gelatinous goo and a fig.

Something you don’t see enough at food events is non alcoholic iced beverages.

The Bazaar continues to churn out the same old tired gimmicks, with chocolate covered Pop Rocks, again.

Patina was there too.

The night wouldn’t be complete without copious amounts of alcohol. How can one endure the pain of plastic surgery without it… Domaine de Canton was pouring ginger drinks.

Stella had their own beer garden.

Some of the most interesting aspects of the night weren’t food related. The people watching was stellar. The Persian tent, with it’s musicians, decoration, fences and gaudiness, was a shining example of modern day Beverly Hills.

Some of the guests were wearing clothes of questionable taste. Those are knee high boots to reveal a bruised thigh below short shorts and a dog with a shirt on….

That is a wrinkled gold suit with a baseball cap and sneakers.

One of the coolest parts of the event was actually in the valet line at the hotel. This brilliant Shelby Cobra made my night.

The event was fun without question.
The LG monitors displaying restaurant names/menus was very smart.
The trashcans, although sleek, were too small.
I have to say, I’ve never been to a food event where there were so few Asian guests.
Given the higher level of non-Beverly-Hills-based restaurants at The Art of Mixing night, I suspect my next post will have more attention to the food.
See you again tonight, Beverly Hills.


2 Responses to “9.02.10 Celebration at Taste of Beverly Hills”

  1. kevinEats Says:

    I, too, was surprised at the lack of Asians in attendance. I suppose BH is more of the old money, WASP-y types. Well, that and Persians.

  2. stuffycheaks Says:

    looks like a fun event. oh dear, which restaurant ruined the foie gras dish.

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