Breakfast at Four Cafe Review

Square One has long been the reigning champion of breakfast in LA. Since they opened, they’ve consistently served the freshest fruit, perfectly cooked eggs and and french toast that bordered on dessert rather than breakfast. The chocolate chip cookie I had there back in 2007 still is the bar by which I measure all cookies.

Four Cafe, the indie darling of Eagle Rock, quietly has built a reputation based on their commitment to fresh ingredients, big flavor and brilliant desserts. They just started breakfast and soon will too crowded for me to enjoy it again. It’s a great alternative to Square One.

The thing that best sums up breakfast at Four Cafe is their inclusion of marcona almonds in their fruit bowl. It’s comfort food with a slightly decadent spin.

The house made sodas and ades are another example of going the extra distance to make a special experience at Four Cafe. You can taste the freshness in their peach gingerade (peach, ginger, agave, sparkling water) and strawberry limeade (strawberries, lime, agave, sparkling water).

The ricotta pancakes $7 were seriously good. While Square One’s french toast is more dessert than breafkast, Four’s pancakes were sweet without being too sweet. They were melt-in-yout-mouth soft and the only problem was I wanted three more orders of them.

The fried egg sandwich with house made aioli, cheddar, arugula and house made veggie bacon $6 was my favorite. It’s rare to find veggie bacon made on the premise, but it pays off.

There was nothing veggie about the bacon biscuit. This intense, smokey version of the typical biscuit was full of bacon, not dissimilar from Boule/Comme Ça’s bacon bread.

The tofu scramble was very light and even a little sweet.

The gruyere and spinach quiche was decadent with a crust that proves a strong background working with pastries.

The cinnamon roll was perfect- far superior to the bastardized version that Cinnabon has plauged America with over the last fifteen years.

The lavender cookie wasn’t overpowering with floral frangance. I’m not a huge lavender fan in general so take that for what it’s worth.

A cobbler from Michelle’s mom’s recipe rounded out the gluttonous feast. No fancy twists here, just good old fashioned dessert the way mom used to make it.

I should add that they also serve Jones Coffee and Bulgarini Gelato. For a new restaurant they certainly aren’t holding anything back menu-wise. Other shops around LA have been asking for their goods, so stay tuned for the spread of Four Cafe citywide.

I’m not gonna stop going to Square One, but I’m glad to add a much needed alternative to my breakfast options.


5 Responses to “Breakfast at Four Cafe Review”

  1. ChocoMeat Says:

    Wow! I sure hope you didn’t eat all that yourself! 😉 Looks great! I liked the dinner I had there, but think my return will have to be for brunch…

  2. My Shimoda Says:

    Brunch was so so so so good. Still thinking about those pancakes and egg sandwich, the peach ginger soda, fruit, desserts… I’m blown away by their veggie bacon. So flavorful and thick you wouldn’t know it was veggie. It was great to have a group because we got to order a lot and shared them all. Prices are very nice too. 🙂 I’m convinced the food gets better the further east you go. Working on living closer…

  3. Matt Says:

    This looks good. Worth a drive from dtown maybe?

  4. STARCHY Says:

    ^^^^ hell yeah its worth the drive

  5. The West Hollywood Cafe Food Marathon « Says:

    […] Four Cafe was in West Hollywood I’d eat there five times a week. As it’s not I’m left with […]

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