Get it While the Getting is Good Girl

If I lived on the east side I’d eat better. I don’t mean I’d eat healthier, I mean better. Like dim sum, pho and tamales. I’d probably eat fewer vegetables. Maybe it’s better for my health that I live where I do. It’s not just authentic ethnic food that I’m geographically devoid of, but it’s flavorful Americanized versions of said food. 9021Pho isn’t cutting it. Neither are Absolutely Phobulous or Street. I haven’t tried Paddy Rice so maybe there’s still hope…

I like Good Girl Dinette. I would eat at Green Zone and Viet Noodle more often if I lived closer to them.

Good Girl Dinette is a bright, comfortable restaurant serving clean, Americanized Vietnamese food. The spring rolls are simple and fresh.

House made orange soda is always a draw. Not as sweet as it’s canned counterpart, and twice as refreshing.

The vegetarian noodle bowl with tofu, rice noodles, red leaf lettuce, pickled daikon/carrots, bean sprouts, basil, and toasted peanuts/shallots is a satisfying, crisp dish.

The banh mi are pretty big and packed with flavor. They may not be the most authentic but they certainly aren’t watered down.

There’s a neo-Vietnamese food marathon on the agenda, so stay tuned for Paddy Rice, Red Medicine and more…


3 Responses to “Get it While the Getting is Good Girl”

  1. Gastronomer Says:

    No pot pie, Mr. Marathon? You gotta go back for one. It is delish!

  2. The French Says:

    When can I drag along?

  3. ChocoMeat Says:

    I can’t believe I still haven’t been to GGD.. SIN!

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