Savor Los Angeles Sweets Review

Last Friday night was a charming evening full of sushi and sweets. After dinner at Hirozen we went on a dessert marathon. The DJ was as good as the weather. The venue-size-to-crowd ratio was a very well balanced proportion. The event celebrated good design alongside good food.

The Popcakes were one of my favorite bites of the night.

Although there’s something slightly manufactured about their flavoring.

Presentation-wise, they deliver.

Continuing to maintain the beautiful presentation, Gotta Have S’more cupcakes lived up to their name.

Plaisir was already out of puffs by the time we got there. Hirozen’s ama ebi was worth it though.

I might be unfair, but after years of macaron consumption I’d like a quadruple stack or double stuff or something new and exciting…

Frosted Cupcakery was doing for cupcakes what XT needs to do for their macarons; a simple but unique twist on a popular dessert. Their Hi Tops (cupcakes sandwiches) were the best thing of the night.

Again, good design by Nice Cream.

The Crosby didn’t blow me away with their chocolate cake with coconut frosting and goji berries. They do get a bonus for trying something new (goji needs a super sweet compliment to balance).

The rest of The Crosby’s menu looks interesting.

The night was a lot of fun. I hope there are more food events at Miau Haus, as it’s a great space for small one stop food marathons.

Max Wanger may have taken some of these pictures but he has plenty so I’m calling them my own…

5 Responses to “Savor Los Angeles Sweets Review”

  1. Diana Says:

    Wish I could have made it that night! Was licking my wounds over at Street down the… street. Those cupcake sandwiches look interesting. Have actually heard really good things about Frosted Cupcakery – even from cupcake-haters.

  2. stuffycheaks Says:

    ooh i’m so in love with those s’more cupcakes and I haven’t even tried them yet. Sounds like a fun night

  3. My Shimoda Says:

    I guess my favorite thing was the pistachio macaron from XT. That cupcake sandwich at the end was too much. I felt like I was in a ‘Got Milk’ commercial. :p

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