Extravaganza for the Senses 2010 Review

First, here’s the requisite shot that sums up the beautiful evening that was Extravaganza for the Senses.

In terms of charity, this is a noteworthy cause. The Saban Free Clinic offers health care to those who need it most but can’t afford it.

In terms of a food event, it was fun with a wide range of restaurants, wineries and the usual sponsors (Pom, Pop Chips, etc.). Wasting no time, the best dish of the night was from Reservoir. Their panko-crusted shrimp tacos on jicama “tortillas” with spicy aioli and fennel slaw required seconds and thirds.

Momed went all out with a nice booth

and roasted corn couscous with harissa and piqullio peppers

and duck shawarma.

Brats Brothers were a big hit, with a wide range of bratwurst to sample, a basket full of pretzel bread, potato salad and Grandma’s recipe sauerkraut.

They served Hungarian (smoked spicy pork), the Hot Texan (smoked spicy beef), Rocky Mountain Elk, the New Zealander (Moroccan spiced lamb), German (pork and veal), Alabama yard bird (smoked spicy chicken) and Swiss (veal).

Pace put together a nice booth with fresh plums and candle light.

Pace’s sea bass was very well cooked considering the conditions.

I was glad to see Bombay Cafe at the event, and although their samosa was delicious, the chicken tikka was dry.

Hansen’s Cakes pulled out all the stops with an army of cupcakes.

And the desserts didn’t stop there. Milk brought a range of sweets from macaron ice cream sandwiches, to mini drumsticks.

Lawry’s brought their tear-inducing whipped cream horseradish to accompany a slider that didn’t matter because the horseradish was so insanely powerful.

Chaya’s grilled beef skewers with horseradish creme fresh were a much better combo of meat and heat.

Angelini Osteria’s lasagna was served under the guise of Minestraio, the much lesser of Gino’s two restaurants. Regardless it was a damn good lasagna.

In the most underwhelming part of the night, Delphine and Roku proved their weakness in the face of the mildest food competition. Roku cranked out spicy tuna rolls from an orange, blob-like mass. Delphine served unappetizing braised lamb shoulder over creamy polenta.

Street brought an interesting dish- Burmese melon salad (with toasted coconut, peanuts, fried onions, sesame ginger dressing). Unfortunately it fell flat. Where the sweet and salty should have been complimentary, they ended up getting overpowered by the oily dressing and bland coconut.

Then I drank some Angel City Brewing Belgian IPA.

I didn’t get a henna tattoo.

But the DJ played on…

And so ended the first of four one-stop food marathons in four weeks. Stay tuned for much more.

3 Responses to “Extravaganza for the Senses 2010 Review”

  1. stuffycheaks Says:

    haha, did you sample everything from MIlk? I was so tempted but ended up only getting the strawberry shortcake, which was a winner. Agree on the panko shrimp. sooo good and freshly fried

  2. foodmarathon Says:

    I had the strawberry shortcake bar, which was delicious.

  3. Extravaganza for the Senses 2011 Preview « Says:

    […] By foodmarathon It’s that time of year again. One-stop food marathons are back in season. Last Year’s Extravaganza for the Senses was a fun event on a beautiful summer evening. The Saban Free Clinic is back this year with more unlimited samples of gourmet food and wine from […]

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