Savor Los Angeles Sweets Preview

Here is the third one-stop food marathon preview in a row. This time, it’s dessert.

Savor Los Angeles, will host a one stop food marathon showcasing some of LA’s best sweets on Friday, July 30th. The focus is on an exclusive set of like-minded businesses (read: equally hip and focused on fresh/organic ingredients, using alternatives to high-fructose corn syrup, with vegan offerings, and clean presentation & design).

The event will take place at a photo studio/art gallery called Miauhaus Studios (I believe it’s pronounced “meow house”) and will feature:

Babycakes NYC
Frosted Cupcakery
Gotta Have S’more
N’ice Cream
P.O.P. Candy
Pure Cheesecakes
Sweets For The Soul
The Crosby
XT Patisserie

The evening will also include free champagne and paired beverages, a complimentary cheese and fruit bar, raffles, music, a photobooth, and gift bags.

General admission tickets are $35 and VIP are $55 (and include VIP gift bag, access to VIP lounge, open bar and more). Buy your tickets now and satisfy your sweet tooth.

2 Responses to “Savor Los Angeles Sweets Preview”

  1. stuffycheaks Says:

    champagne and desserts? trouble….

  2. Savor Los Angeles Sweets Review « Says:

    […] Friday night was a charming evening full of sushi and sweets. After dinner at Hirozen we went on a dessert marathon. The DJ was as good as the weather. The venue-size-to-crowd ratio was a very well balanced […]

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