8 Restaurant Food Marathon in 8 Seconds

This is just hypothetical marathon, but with proper planning I guess it could be done in real life:

Has some service kinks to work out, but quality ingredients are evident in the rich flavors.

Earl’s Gourmet Grub
(Mar Vista)
Soft opening this week. Beautiful interior design, unique sandwiches. Perfect for beach picnics.

Ludo Bites
Despite the hype and how professional the operation has become, it’s still a fun dining experience with food you can’t get elsewhere in LA.

(Little Tokyo)
One of the best vegan restaurants in LA in terms of flavor and service.

Good but not great, in terms of meat quality and flavor. Excellent banchan, service was very attentive.

Four Cafe
(Eagle Rock)
Wish this new seasonal restaurant was closer to my house. Worth the drive.

Spicy BBQ
(Thai Town)
Maintains excellent flavor, consistently offering delicious Northern Thai specialties.

Tutti’s off Main
Yelpers hate this place, but we had a perfect Mother’s Day brunch on the patio.


3 Responses to “8 Restaurant Food Marathon in 8 Seconds”

  1. The French Says:

    Seriously. When are we eating together again?

  2. bill Says:

    Genwa is definitely a great pick IMO.

  3. My Shimoda Says:

    Genwa had the most banchan I’ve ever seen! You can order one thing to cook and feast for hours. Agreed on the rest but still haven’t had Spicy BBQ. Good call outs FM.

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