Four Cafe Pre-Post

I’m gonna do a full, nicely-photographed, elaborate post on Four Cafe in Eagle Rock. In the meantime here is a short pre-post featuring iPhone photos.

The awning sums it up nicely- fresh, seasonal and local. Not just the current food trend, but the qualities that make food taste better.

Other qualities that makes food taste better are the indefinable ingredients of passion, love and happiness. I know I sound like a hippie at a Phish show, but you can taste the difference when a chef is happy and loving vs one that is bitter and angry. Cory and Michelle are passionate about their restaurant and food and you can taste it. I’ll go into more detail in my full post about the tables, light fixtures, sodas, soups, etc.

What I can say now is the salads (the living salad and crispy pancetta and fig salad) are more reminiscent of something you’d get at AOC then Tender Greens. They have a richness and balance that makes them more serious, for lack of a better word. Serious salads.

Again, this is only a pre-post. I will come back with the full report soon.


One Response to “Four Cafe Pre-Post”

  1. Gastronomer Says:

    Tease! This place is definitely on my To Eat list! I love food made with love.

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