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Cart for a Cause: Animal

April 27, 2010

Cart for a Cause Tuesdays have been a rotating series of fancy food truck lunches around town. The chefs are from LA’s best restaurants (Lazy Ox, Comme Ca, Nobu) and the proceeds go to Meals on Wheels.

I was fortunate today to have the Animal Cart for a Cause serving lunch near my office.

For $10 I got a big fried chicken sandwich with bread and butter pickle slaw, red rooster aioli and corn on the cob. Additionally sides of Pom tea, coffee and pistachios and Miss Lilly’s cookies were included.

The sandwich and corn are both what you’d expect from Dotolo and Shook- buttery, rich, bold, lingering flavors that you can’t wash off your hands. For $10, this was the best lunch deal in West Hollywood without question. Then throw in the charity aspect and it’s the feel good lunch of the year. Two butter-glistening thumbs up.


Jonathan Gold’s Speakeasy Cocktail Party

April 26, 2010

Last year one of the best food events was the Zocalo Jonathan Gold Cocktail Party at Union Station.

For those who missed it there were brilliant cocktails from LA’s top mixologists (The Varnish, Seven Grand) and delicious food from Palate, The Gorbals, Church & State, Providence and Mozza.

This year you can get more food, drinks and KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad spinning records:

Buy tickets to party and support Zócalo Public Square (a non-profit organization that mobilizes broad audiences around the fundamental issues that affect our lives as Americans).

Four Cafe Pre-Post

April 21, 2010

I’m gonna do a full, nicely-photographed, elaborate post on Four Cafe in Eagle Rock. In the meantime here is a short pre-post featuring iPhone photos.

The awning sums it up nicely- fresh, seasonal and local. Not just the current food trend, but the qualities that make food taste better.

Other qualities that makes food taste better are the indefinable ingredients of passion, love and happiness. I know I sound like a hippie at a Phish show, but you can taste the difference when a chef is happy and loving vs one that is bitter and angry. Cory and Michelle are passionate about their restaurant and food and you can taste it. I’ll go into more detail in my full post about the tables, light fixtures, sodas, soups, etc.

What I can say now is the salads (the living salad and crispy pancetta and fig salad) are more reminiscent of something you’d get at AOC then Tender Greens. They have a richness and balance that makes them more serious, for lack of a better word. Serious salads.

Again, this is only a pre-post. I will come back with the full report soon.

Kings Game with Carl’s Jr

April 15, 2010

While growing up in LA, Wayne Gretzky played for the Kings and hockey was exciting. I went to games and played a lot of roller hockey (that’s outdoors on Rollerblades because I couldn’t be bothered to go to the rink to play ice hockey).

(that’s my roller hockey logo, not burger curling)

Twenty years later Los Angeles hockey isn’t nearly as exciting. The Kings actually have a winning record but I can’ t be bothered to follow them because I’m too busy following restaurant openings, Chinese dishes I can’t miss and more exciting sports like jai-alai (sorry hockey).

A sure way to reignite my hockey interest, however, is to lure me with free Carl’s Jr. To celebrate their new hockey-puck-shaped Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger, I was invited to the Carl’s Jr suite to watch the Kings get their asses kicked by Dallas a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, due to certain food service contracts, Carl’s couldn’t actually serve said burgers at the Stapler. Instead we were given coupons for free burgers. Back to that in a moment.

First, the game was fun because our suite was the central marketing focus of the night. Not only did we have Happy Star in attendance, but we also had the King’s mascot, Bailey. (Note: Bailey is named after former Kings Director of Pro Scouting, Garnet “Ace” Bailey, who was in the second plane to hit the World Trade Center on 9/11).

Further, we were supplied with Carl’s Jr Slankets (the original Snuggies) because it’s cold at hockey games. I gave mine to a colder member of the group, for equally chivalrous and fashionable reasons.

To add to the fun we were featured on the jumbotron. I’m on the far right taking a picture of the jumbotron which is showing me taking a picture on the jumbotron…


So the burger. The point of the whole post. It’s no Western Bacon Cheeseburger- my bacon/cheese/burger of choice. But it’s not bad either.

I look forward to a Dodger Game with Happy Star and any other mascots that are available.