Getting Ready for Earl’s Gourmet Grub

Spring and summer are right around the corner. That means beach volleyball, watching the freaks on the Venice boardwalk and summering at my beach house in Malibu… well maybe not the last part. Luckily Earl’s Gourmet Grub is opening soon on my beach-ward route, adding to LA’s modest sandwich landscape.

Earl’s is currently doing due diligence with its Mar Vista locals at the weekly farmer’s market while construction continues on their Venice Blvd space.

I sampled four seriously fantastic sandwiches as well as a special St Patrick’s Day cupcake:

The Publiner (for St Patrick’s Day)
Corned Beef, Pickled Red and White Cabbage, Tomato Chutney and Whiskey Caramelized Onions on Potato Dill Bread (pressed)

Who Dat Crab Po-Boy
Crab w/ Parsley Butter, Cajun Mayo, Shredded Savoy Cabbage & Red Butter Leaf on French Baguette

Artichokes-Hearts of Palm-Parsley Hash, Lambs Ear & Chevre, Artichoke Jalapeno Spread on Pain De Mie (Pressed)

Monsieur Hinault
Dry Cured Ham (Mandrange), Gruyere de Comte, Beurremont Butter, Maille Dijon on French Baguette

Irish Cake Bomb
Chocolate Guiness Cupcake, with Bourbon Ganache Filling and Irish Cream Frosting

Extensive testing has resulted in a cohesive list of sandwiches that work together but don’t overlap. The ingredients are gourmet but they work in unison to achieve the desired effect- good, simple grub.

I didn’t try their most popular pressed sandwiches- the Grilled Gouda (Red Wax Gouda, Sun Dried Tomato Hash, Arugula, Basil on Pain De Mie) or Pig ‘n’ Fig (Prosciutto di Parma, Fig-Arugula Hash, Verde Capra Blue Cheese on 3 Season Bread). Judging by how often people were ordering them, they must be as good as the rest. Also, all sandwiches come with a side of cornichons, olives & pepperoncini!

As if that wasn’t enough, the space the restaurant will inhabit really is special. This won’t be a boring space like Huckleberry. It’s modern and warm, with unique lighting, angles, colors.

Last but not least, Earl’s is across the street from Mitsuwa. And although Earl’s will have fresh baked sweets, you can get some ramen for dessert… if you’re the type that eats full meals right after full meals, like me.

I’m genuinely excited about the future of Earl’s. See you there this summer.

5 Responses to “Getting Ready for Earl’s Gourmet Grub”

  1. my shimoda Says:

    oohhhh perfect for a beach picnic! my mouth is watering. how exciting. =)

  2. Food GPS Says:

    The Heart-ichoke and Publiner sandwiches look promising. I like how farmers markets have become incubators for brick-and-mortar concepts.

  3. foodmarathon Says:

    Between the food trucks and farmers markets, there’s no reason a restaurant shouldn’t have their menu worked out by opening day.

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  5. Favorite Posts from March 15 - 21, 2010 - Food GPS Says:

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