Chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

This is not your typical Valentine’s Day post. Yes, it’s about chocolate and yes, it’s about a beautiful woman, but this one is not about my girlfriend.

Chocolate is a Tarantino-approved Thai martial arts film starring Jeeja Yanin.

She plays the autistic daughter of a mob boss’ ex-girlfriend and must collect her dying mother’s debts in order to pay for medicine. While it’s typical in terms of martial arts movie story lines (replete with ladyboy gangsters), it’s rare to see a female lead that’s so badass. She’s smaller than the waitresses at Royal/T, yet more powerful than King’s Road Cafe’s coffee.

Her agility means she can perform tricks like a running slide under a coffee table.

Chocolate is for those of you who aren’t sold on the flowers and Hallmarkness of Valentine’s Day. It’s currently on DVD.

While my girlfriend still loves chocolate (dark chocolate, frozen, specifically), she agrees that Chocolate (the movie) makes for good holiday counter-programming.


One Response to “Chocolate for Valentine’s Day?”

  1. gourmetpigs Says:

    haha that looks pretty kickass. I wanna watch it.

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