The Pigskin Food Marathon

The Super Bowl is a time for eating. Although football is the main attraction, we all know the chips, dips, pork, beef and beer are what brings Americans together by the millions.

Now before we start it should be noted that my grandparents don’t eat pork for religious reasons. Jules from Pulp Fiction doesn’t eat it because “pigs are filthy animals”:

But I’m gonna have to side with Vincent Vega on this one, “Bacon tastes gooood. Pork chops taste gooood,” and as footballs once were made of inflated pigs’ bladders, what better way to celebrate the Super Bowl than with a pigskin food marathon. We didn’t limit ourselves to just the pork skin, for there are so many other delicious pig parts to partake in.

Before we even left house we started in on the frozen Dean Sin World pork soup dumplings and potstickers we’d been saving. These gems hold up so well, that it’s a wonder anyone would ever eat the watery frozen Trader Joe’s frozen versions.

Next we hit the Nom Nom Truck for a bbq pork banh mi.

This actually was the least impressive of my Nom Nom visits. The pork was fattier, drier, and not as hot as we’d previously had. An average banh mi is still a banh mi, however, and because they’re a fantastic combination of ingredients it’s only a matter of time before Subway starts serving them.

Third we hit LA’s newest upscale gastropub, The Lazy Ox. (Note I’m not including a picture of the damn ox that’s already been photographed more times than Paris Hilton). As it was 2pm the place was empty upon our arrival, except for Jeni (Oishii Eats) and Dylan (Eat Drink and Be Merry). Some people use Zagat or the LA Times to know if a restaurant is good- Jeni and Dylan’s approval is enough for me.

We went straight for the pig’s ears, which were phenomenal. The batter was light and airy, the meat was tender, the crunch was satisfying. As the waiter suggested, they should be sold by the bucketful at the movies- popcorn be damned.

Next we were gonna go to Spring Street Smoke House in honor of Meat Week, but parking was annoying so we kept moving to Pa-Ord (per Dylan’s referral). We ordered a small tom yum (which has pork slices, pork meatballs and crispy pork rinds) and a small boat noodle soup with pork. I’ve only had Ord and Sapp, so my boat noodle experience is limited. Pa-Ord’s were damn good- spicy, rich, savory, sweet and not too much star anise.

The Tom Yum didn’t compare to Ruen Pair or Jitlada as the broth is thinner, there’s noodles and it’s a different overall take on the dish.

Last but not least we hit up the meatiest of all LA restaurants- Animal. Our second pig’s ear dish of the day was good but not as good as Lazy Ox’s. Animal’s pig’s ears were crunchier and a bit tougher- they weren’t executed as well as The Lazy Ox’s. (Side note, Animal puts an egg on their pig’s ears, which never hurts any meal except ice cream, but it wasn’t quite enough to  help them win the battle).

We also had baby broccoli with pancetta, parmesan and soft egg, because after all that pork we needed our vegetables…

To end the meal and marathon we ordered the foie gras loco moco with quail egg, spam and hamburger. I’m not sure there’s even pork in it, but it had to be done for the sake of good old American gluttony.

So this Sunday revel in your fatness, America. Drink your empty calories, eat your cholesterol and corn filled finger foods. Slather on the creamy sauces and sink into a food coma. That New Years diet you barely are keeping restarts Monday, February 8th.

3 Responses to “The Pigskin Food Marathon”

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  2. mattatouille Says:

    awesome rundown of pig parts on display in LA. I thought pa-ord was pretty good, but still not as good as Sapp.

  3. B+S Notes—February 1, 2010 | Mondette Says:

    […] MA show / Style Bubble — Who is to blame for obesity, and what should be done about it? / LAT — The Pigskin Food Marathon / Food Marathon — Crazy lines, as usual, at Decadestwo Haiti benefit / Racked LA — Correction […]

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