Della Terrible

Della Terra just opened on Beverly Blvd near Fairfax. Angeli Caffe, Amarone Kitchen + Wine, Angelini Osteria and a number of other Italian restaurants within three miles of this place away blow Della Terra in terms of food.

(photo from Blackburn and Sweetzer)

It actually bothers me that they have such a prime location with a nice patio and it’s squandered.

If you’re gonna keep your menu simple, you better nail it. To the contrary, the food was under seasoned, some was undercooked and overall it lacked inspiration and soul.

The guy at the helm (the owner? manager? he never introduced himself or tried to converse with us) made us uncomfortable- more akin to Paulie Gualtieri than Artie Bucco.  Our waitress did her best, and I’m sorry she’s stuck there.

Instead of Della Terra, go to Amarone Kitchen and Wine.

One Response to “Della Terrible”

  1. Diana Says:

    Yikes! This place is right by my apartment – was hoping it was decent! Let’s hope it shutters and something better takes its place!

    Is that bad that I just said I hope it shutters? Perhaps. I’ll rephrase – let’s hope the chef/owner gets some divine inspiration, changes up the menu and surprises us all with another Italian gem!

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