New Food Trucks for 2010

The food truck trend is entering mid-decade Pinkberry levels of saturation, but don’t expect that to slow them down. Here are the trucks I’d like to see in 2010:

Serving mild with a smile and bringing heat that can’t be beat.
The spiciest wings, chili, sausages and curries served out of a converted fire truck.

If the Seinfeld “Soup Nazi” took to the streets, he would drive this crazily souped up truck. The flavor of the soups would match the bold design: cream of five onion soup, chestnut with pancetta, pumpkin chipotle, and tom yum (obviously)…

I’d also like to see more mobile seating options to go with these food trucks.

And maybe some of these guys on Segways weaving through traffic selling pizza on the 405 at rush hour.


4 Responses to “New Food Trucks for 2010”

  1. my shimoda Says:

    Those are great! I want to see an all GREEN, solar-energy truck selling yummy healthy food. All of the food would come from local farmers and the everything from napkins to utensils would be biodegradable. 🙂

  2. foodmarathon Says:

    Like The Green Truck?

  3. Daily Gluttony Says:

    haha I LOVE it! You KNOW hipsters would be all over these!

  4. Richard Moses Says:

    Any one have a camera? I have the Ultimate in Food Trucks. I own and operate a complete kitchen on wheels, with trailer which carries a walk-in freezer, walk-in refrigerator, pantry, plus even has washer/dryer combination for cleaning table cloths. Trailer also has 35kw generator for electrical power for mobile kitchen and trailer. I can feed around 28 people an hour, cooking meals from a standard menu. I can also produce meals from the specialists menu.
    My crew consist of three helpers, who also clean the tables after people hav left the dining area; plus I and my helpers can go from rolling to completely set up and ready to serve, in 1hour and 40 minutes.
    Closing up and getting ready to roll, takes less than one hour.
    The truck section, which contains the kitchen, also has small caper/sleeping area, small toilet-sink-shower unit.
    I have a Tier 3 Cat diesel under the hood, and power goes through a 12-speed transmission. The truck is a five axle rig, with twin powered front steering axles.
    The trailer in a Matlock Electronic van, converted into a double level food storage/pantry unit. (I can also sleep, if desired, an additional 5 people on the lower level of the trailer.

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