Ludo Fried Chicken

Watch out Colonel- Ludo’s next venture involves fried chicken world domination…

This month you can hope to try Ludo’s Fried Chicken at Royal/T for the limited Ludo Bites pop up, “In Bed Together.”


9 Responses to “Ludo Fried Chicken”

  1. mylastbite Says:

    We gotta make t-shirts!!!! Or maybe wife beater tanks!

  2. Hanhonymous Says:

    OMG, That looks awesome!! Excellent job!

  3. Anisha V Says:

    Too funny! I agree w/ Jo! Wife beater tanks FTW 🙂

  4. Ludo Bites 3.0 at Royal T: A passionate (non) review Says:

    […] Case in point: While I admit that procrastinating a week to blog my LudoBites adventures at Royal T was bad on me, I didn’t imagine that my post would already be obsolete once published. I’ve discovered, you see, that only eight days after I attended, Ludo Bites changed its menu completely AND switched from an a la carte experience to a prix fixe meal that features homage-inspiring fried chicken. […]

  5. Evelina Says:

    That is an amazing logo. WE definitely need tshirts!!

  6. Esther Says:

    Awesome, Neil.

  7. mattatouille Says:

    photoshop genius, my friend.

  8. foodmarathon Says:

    I think LFC aprons is the way to go.

  9. Logo & Corporate Identity | Face doppelgängers | IDEAS INSPIRING INNOVATION Says:

    […] KFC; Father Joe’s Villages (Charity Organization for the Homeless), San Diego; Yonghe Dawang Chinese Fast Food, China [photo: flickr member: Piero Sierra]; Ji’a’po-Fast-Food, China [looking eerily similar to KFC's Colonel Sanders… apron and all, against a red backdrop], Quaker Oats; Face Logo Developments by Matt Barrett; Nouvelle Vague’s albums; Gerber baby food; BAPE (Bathing Ape) clothing brand, Japan; Robbins Diamonds; Ludo Fried Chicken. […]

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