Watch Food Inc Now

Whether you Netflix it, OnDemand it or whatever new digital format you choose, you should watch the brilliant documentary, Food, Inc. Don’t wait for the Academy Award nomination, don’t wait for the new health care system and certainly don’t wait until you get E. coli. Watch the film now.

It’s unfortunate that The Informant didn’t focus more on the food-related plot line, but I understand it was a character piece based around Matt Damon’s terrific performance. If you don’t already know the story about the Archer Daniels Midland employee who turned government informant after his company was illegally price fixing, you should check out This American Life’s story.

And with awards season, stay tuned for this year’s piping hot batch of food-related Oscar contenders.

One of the Oscar front runners is Soup in the Air– the story of George Clooney’s quest for a decent bowl of soup in the face of dismal food options on airplanes.


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