Spontaneous Venice Food 5k

Coca Cola has new aluminum bottles. As much as I hoped it would be, this is not exciting.

Nor was the food at their event (corn dogs with Coca-Cola ketchup- because ketchup wasn’t sweet enough already).

What was exciting was the event was at the Hotel Erwin in Venice,

which means I can make a joke about the massive corporate soda company throwing a coke party at the pot hotel (the Erwin’s restaurant is called Hash, their rooftop lounge is called High and it’s located just off the stoner-heavy Venice boardwalk).

More exciting however is it meant I was finally able to get to The Brig to try whichever food truck was serving out of their parking lot.  So we not-so-stealthily snuck out the back door of the Erwin,

and went to The Brig to discover The Grilled Cheese Truck parked outside.

We waited in the short line, ordered the Harvest Melt, Cheesy Mac, tomato soup, tater tots and pickles.

Both sandwiches were grilled to perfection, with oozing cheese and crispy crusts. The tater tots were just like mom used to make them but the tomato soup wasn’t great. It was like a watered down version of Trader Joe’s box soups.

We drank and watched the end of the Laker game.

The food truck movement is definitely a good thing for LA. People have to get out of their beloved cars and stand next to each other- maybe even talk to each other. This causes a sense of community, a shared experience, something LA needs more of. It’s also fun to eat tater tots while drinking beer on a spontaneous food adventure.


One Response to “Spontaneous Venice Food 5k”

  1. my shimoda Says:

    so fun!

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