So Good, Haute Patisserie Recipe

It was only a matter of time before the insanely artistic world of fancy desserts got a magazine of its own (and that I posted a recipe on my food blog).

With a weight of two pounds and a $20 price tag, So Good is a magazine that is as decadent, stunning and expensive as the pastries it features. So Good Magazine logoHowever, just to call them desserts or pastries is to do this new art form a disservice. The combination of painstaking craftsmanship, impossible patience and endless imagination helps these culinary Gauguins create their awe-inspiring masterpieces. The complexity of the recipes leaves one just as stunned.  Some of the recipes you can find in the first issue of So Good include:

Albert Adria’s Orchid– A yogurt croquant orchid with saffron ice cream and caramelized honey sponge cake on a bed of milk chocolate creme with chocolate foam-lyo rocks.

Albert Adria's Orchid

Paco Torreblanca’s Pistachio Flower– White chocolate light cream with vanilla, red fruit, white glaze with Tahitian vanilla, pistachio sponge cake and transparent isomalt, silver leaf, vanilla bean seed decoration

So Good Magazine Cover

and Jacquy Pfeiffer’s Blue Flowers Earl Gray Tea Macaron.


Here is his recipe:

chocolate macaron
Makes 45 finished macarons
340g Canfectionary sugar
190g American Almond almond flour
170g Aged Egg whites
45g Sucrose
7g Egg white powder
25g Cacao Barry cocoa powder 20-22% flat
Total weight: 777g

Sift the almond powder and confectionery sugar.
Add the cocoa powder.
Robot coupe for a few seconds if necessary if not fine enough.
Whisk the egg whites, sucrose and egg white powder until firm.
Fold the dry mix and cocoa powder into the egg whites. Fold until the mixture becomes shiny and somewhat loose (you should have to squeeze the mixture from the piping bag, not let in run). This process is called macaronner.
Pipe 1″ diameter disks onto parchment paper and let rest for about 30 minutes until it forms a skin.
Bake in the convection over at 150 degrees C/300 degrees F for two minutes with the vent closed and 8-9 minutes vent open.
Let cool and freeze immediately.

blue Flowers Earl Grey ganache
290g Heavy cream 35% fat
15g Blue Flowers Early grey tea
270g Cacao Barry Dark chocolate couverture 58%
50g Cacao Barry Dark chocolate couverture 38%
50g Plugra Unsalted butter 82% fat
Total weight: 675g
Bring the cream to a simmer. Add the tea and cover and let steep for 5 minutes.
Strain the cream/tea mixture.
Add cream to infusion to bring weight back to 290g and simmer again.
Pour the cream over half melted dark and milk chocolate.
Add the soft peak butter and emulsify using a bur mixer.

Fill the macarons with ganache and close.

Chef Pfeiffer is the co-founder and dean of The French Pastry School in Chicago. If you can make this recipe you’ve either attended this school already or don’t need to. If you can’t make this recipe but want to learn, check out the school…

If you just want to drool over the pictures you can buy So Good here.


4 Responses to “So Good, Haute Patisserie Recipe”

  1. Active Foodie Says:

    I’m ready to see you take a stab at those macs! 😉 they are beautiful and look delicious!! Ok, maybe I will have to take a stab at making macs instead!

  2. glutster Says:

    recipes now eyy?

    …and in European measurements?


  3. foodmarathon Says:

    Either of you can feel free to make these and send me a box. Or even a store-bought box is fine. Just send me gifts.

  4. Elise Says:

    OK, that picture is insane

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