One-Stop Food Marathons: Zócalo Preview

The only thing better than a food marathon is a one-stop food marathon. Better than that is a Jonathan Gold sanctioned one-stop food marathon. It’s the foodie equivalent of playing a golf course specifically designed by Tiger Woods.

Jonathan Gold

This year’s Gold Standard was such a marathon and exceeded the limits of a fantasy food marathon by cramming 30 of LA’s best restaurants into one small facility. With careful planning and early arrival I was able to knock out scores of plates of outstanding food.

Jonathan Gold's Union Station Cocktail Party

Gold’s at it again at the forthcoming Zócalo Union Square Cocktail Party. The event, happening on October 10th, is a fundraiser for Zócalo Public Square and will help them continue their devotion to spurring conversation by creating open spaces for dialogue. They have hosted over 400 speakers at nearly 200 free events in their effort to create fellowship around ideas.

Jonathan Gold's Union Square Cocktail Party

LA’s best restaurants (Providence, Mozza, Palate, Rivera, Cut, Comme Ça, Church & State and The Gorbals) and bars (Coles, Seven Grand, Golden Gopher and Broadway Bar) will be serving superb food and drinks all night, so buy your tickets right now.


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