I Can’t Cook but Wii Can

I’m virtually useless at cooking. My love for food is far outweighed by my impatient hunger. I get frazzled, I worry about timing things correctly, my palate eludes me completely. It seems E*star and Caroline on Crack can’t cook either. Luckily for us there’s a Food Network sanctioned Wii cooking game to help us learn without the risk of diced fingers or four alarm fires.

Cook or Be Cooked

Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked is Iron Chef Michael Symon-approved, which presented an opportunity for a live cooking battle with slightly less drama than his usual television competitions.

Michael Symon: Cook or be Cooked

Chef Symon is really easy-going (much less intimidating than the photo would lead you to believe), has his signature laugh at the ready and provided a comfortable chance to ask questions and generally socialize before the analog vs digital food fight started.

Cook or Be Cooked

Real Food at Virtual Cooking Demo

Real Food at Virtual Cooking Demo

After chatting with the Iron Chef, trying out the game and munching on meatballs, potato pancakes and pierogies, the demo began.

Michael Symon: Cook or Be Cooked

Food GPS, Tara Met Blog and a number of others circled the ring like a UFC match (that’s Ultimate Food Championship in this case).

Virtual Food at Virtual Cooking Demo

It was pretty amazing to see the timing working exactly as Symon cooked real chicken and broccoli while game developer, Michael Morishita, Wii-cooked the virtual variety.

Cook or Be Cooked

In terms of a teaching tool and consequence-free cooking environment, Cook or Be Cooked is stellar. As far as satisfying hunger, you’ll still need to make do with real, farm-raised chickens (or Doritos if you’re a serious gamer). You can also try the new online LA restaurant delivery service, Magnifeast– cause heaven forbid you ever actually spoke to a human being again.

Real Food at Virtual Cooking Demo

It’s early for holiday shopping but Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked will be released on November 3rd. So order now as a gift for your favorite food blogger with the initials FM…


One Response to “I Can’t Cook but Wii Can”

  1. mattatouille Says:

    i need to get this game, pronto

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