What Exactly is New York BBQ?

After trying California BBQ at The Smokin’ Joint, I thought it only fair to try New York BBQ as well. Let the east coast/west coast bar-b-q battle begin.


NY BBQ is located kitty-corner from Umami Burger. In contrast to the trendiest burgers on La Brea, NY BBQ is a no-frills strip mall, order-at-the-counter/served-in-styrofoam BBQ joint. They do dine in and carry out as well as catering.


We ordered a baby back dinner and Angus beef ribs a la carte. The dinner comes with two sides and bread or cornbread (mac and cheese, cole slaw) and we ordered a side of potato salad as well.

NY BBQ baby back

The sauce is the main difference between NY BBQ and other bbq places in LA. Their sauce is thick, dark, rich and not too sweet. It’s not overly smokey, there’s a hint of spice at the end and did I mention it’s thick?

NY BBQ beef

The baby backs were very tender, the beef ribs were big (but not as big as Baby Blues’).  The mac and cheese was really good and gooey (rue-heavy, not too crispy on top). The cole slaw and potato salad were both above average but not the best I’ve ever had.

For dessert I went with a cool, sweet cup of banana pudding. On a hot summer day, after hearty/saucy ribs, this pudding was worthy of bathing in.

NY BBQ banana pudding

Overall I like NY BBQ. Their meat is good quality and their service is friendly but their sauce is very specific. For those that like their sauce thick and tangy, this is your place.


3 Responses to “What Exactly is New York BBQ?”

  1. Marie Says:

    I think you are the person for my “everytime I drive by, I wonder about” spots! I’m pleasantly surprised that NY BBQ wasn’t bad! I will be in Tennessee soon, but maybe when I’m back and craving BBQ, I will head here.

  2. SinoSoul Says:

    I’ve visited NY BBQ about half a dozen times. A third of the attempts resulted in no bbq whatsoever as they were closed. After speaking to the owner, I concluded there’s nothing NY about NY BBQ, but for this side of town, it sure beats Spring Street Smokehouse, etc.

  3. Michael Portwood Says:

    My brisket was moist, and could be cut with the filmsy plastic fork I was given.
    The sides, cole slaw and mac & cheese, were pretty good. Cole slaw nice and chilled, not salty, or overage of vinegar. The mac & cheese rich tasting, buttery, and lots of crispy pieces.

    I can walk here from home, 90036, and I plan to many times. Good to have a real reasonably priced comfort restaurant near home.
    The owner says they’ll start neighborhood delivery around October 1.

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