Snoop Dogg’s Favorite Restaurant?

The Smokin Joint’s ribs are as smokey as a Snoop Dogg concert. I tried them during their first official day of dinner service.

the smokin' joint

The entire menu is made from scratch: the sauces, the pickles the red velvet cake… and you definitely can tell. We started with corn bread and fried pickles and there’s a substantial difference between jarred pickles and The Smokin Joint’s homemade variety. They’re big, juicy and crunchy. The mini cornbread muffins were moist, possibly in part to their small size.

The Smokin' Joint Fried Pickles

Next we ordered the catfish bites and the smokin wangs with a lil’ kick. Both were good but I hoped for more flavor all around. The catfish was well cooked and the batter was light. The wings weren’t kicked up at all, not even with the help of their spicy sauce. It was actually closer to Tabasco. We combined their medium sauce with their spicy to get closer, but still wasn’t hitting the spot.

The Smokin' Joint Catfish Bites

The Smokin' Joint Wings

The baby back ribs were well seasoned, smokey and meaty. They weren’t fall off the bone tender, but the flavor was solid. The sides were weak- the sweet corn with chile lime butter needed more chile and lime, the greens with applewood smoked bacon and garlic needed more bacon and garlic and the french fries were too thin. The mac and cheese was good but it’s hard to screw up mac and cheese.

The Smokin' Joint Ribs

Finally the red velvet cake was amazing. One thick, rich, monstrously sweet slice could easily satisfy Snoop Dogg and the entire Dogg Pound’s munchies.

The Smokin' Joint Red Velvet

The service was very attentive and the room was lively with a large 9-tv screen wall playing old jazz and big band videos. I live walking distance so I didn’t have to deal with the parking- which I’m sure is atrocious on that corner. All in all it’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood.


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