An Essential Chocolate Experience?

“Rich and full bodied” with “delicate nuances of nutmeg and cloves” and “floral notes of cherry that linger on your palate during a long lush finish.” Sounds like a wine description but it’s not. Could be scotch, or even cheese, but it’s not. Those complex tasting notes are describing ice cream. Not just any ice cream- Choctál’s premium, single origin chocolate and vanilla ice cream experience.

Choctál Ice Cream

I had the pleasure of trying five flavors at Plate by Plate and I was blown away by the distinct differences between them and the outstanding consistency and flavor. Made from cacao and vanilla beans from different regions of the world, these amazingly bold and distinctively different ice cream flavors boast so many brilliant attributes that their $6 per pint price tag is totally justified.

Chocolate ice creams from Kalimantan, Ghana, Dominican, and two regions of Costa Rican cocoa stand deliciously next to their vanilla ice cream counterparts from Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Madagascar.

Before summer ends I implore you to try a few of Choctal’s flavors.

2 Responses to “An Essential Chocolate Experience?”

  1. H.C. Says:

    They sell a four-flavor sampler at Trader Joe’s — which I love since I can try and compare different varieties and because, at 4 oz. each, they are automatically portion controlled (I’m one of those who can easily polish off a pint, a.k.a. FOUR servings, in one/two sittings.)

  2. The Prius of Tea « Says:

    […] Prius of Tea By foodmarathon I wrote about Choctal Ice Cream recently because it was so good that I wanted to share it.  Same goes for Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. Just […]

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