Welcome to the Neighborhood Bistro LQ

The thing that stood out most about my recent dinner at Bistro LQ, wasn’t the stellar service, Ibiza-esque techno music nor the range of foie gras options. It was the value. Like its neighbor Ludobites, Bistro LQ currently is in corkage fee, BYOB phase. This meant that dinner including tax and tip, cost us $40 per person. That’s for sea urchin, foie gras multiple ways, sweetbreads, crab, oysters, baby goat, monkfish cheeks AND scallops. We’re talking an array of expensive ingredients, beautifully presented with impeccable service for about half of the price that you’d expect to pay.

My favorite way to eat is to sample small bites of as many things possible (thus, the reason for food marathons and my affinity for sushi and Korean food). Bistro LQ offers half portions of all their dishes (3 per person minimum), as a way to let diners try more of their menu. Although it’s more labor intensive, it’s not reflected in the price.

Overall it was a solid showing, with a few misses here and there. The amuse bouche was a mini version of the cornucopia filled with Chanterelles, coconut emulsion, watercress coulis, fresh date “loukoum”. Would we have known we wouldn’t have also ordered the same dish with sweetbreads, but our waiter didn’t tell us. That was his only mistake of the night.

The dishes below ranged from terrific (sea urchin tapioca) to good (baby goat).

Bistro LQ Foie Gras Three Ways

Bistro LQ Uni Oyster

Bistro LQ Scallops

Bistro LQ Crab Bistro LQ Goat

Bistro LQ Salad

Everything was farmer’s market fresh and plated with care. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year offers.


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  1. pamela Says:

    where did you get the roosevelt hotel picture im trying to license it for a tv show

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